Born at Midnight Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

C. C. Hunter
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Chapters 1 through 6

• Kylie Galen is in the kitchen and her mother and father are fighting. Her father is moving out and he wants to know where his underwear is.

• Kylie follows her father outside begging him to take her with him but he says her mother needs her. Kylie knows he just does not want her.

• Outside Kylie sees a man in a military uniform and she becomes worried that he is stalking her because she has seen often lately.

• Kylie leaves to spend the night at her friend Sara Jetton's house. They go to a party at Mark Jameson's house.

• Sara presses a beer in Kylie's hand but they both know Kylie will not drink it. Trey, Kylie's ex-boyfriend arrives with his new girlfriend.
• The police break up the party and Kylie and many others are taken to the police station and she has to call her...

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