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Trevor Noah
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "My Mother's Life".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the shopkeeper in the story "Chameleon" respond when Patricia proved she could understand Afrikaans?
(a) He insisted he never said anything inappropriate.
(b) He insulted her pronunciation.
(c) He apologized for racially profiling her.
(d) He began speaking a language she could not understand.

2. Why was the author surprised when Patricia insisted that he go see his father?
(a) The author did not know who his father was.
(b) Patricia hated the author's father.
(c) The author thought his father was dead.
(d) The author and his father had not spoken in ten years and the author assumed they would never speak again.

3. The children of Soweto would yell out "indoda yomlungu!" whenever they passed the author. What does this phrase mean?
(a) "I hate that kid!"
(b) "The white man!"
(c) "Look out!"
(d) "Hey, buddy!"

4. In the foreword to the story "Fufi," how does the author explain his observation that most black people in Africa dislike cats?
(a) Cats are associated with witchcraft.
(b) Cats are annoying.
(c) The author explains that distaste for cats is actually an ugly stereotype that does not match his observations.
(d) Cats carry disease.

5. With whom did Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah want the author to hang out instead of his friends from Alexandra?
(a) His cousin at university.
(b) His step-father in the garage.
(c) His grandmother in Soweto.
(d) His birth father in Johannesburg.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the author make money at Sandingham?

2. How did Patricia behave when visiting Abel's family?

3. How did Abel respond when the author told him what happened under the mulberry tree?

4. Why does the author compare Patricia to a "guerilla fighter" (84)?

5. What diagnosis did the school psychologists give the author after he laughed while being corporally punished?

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