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Trevor Noah
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Fufi" - "Robert".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did the author cry after he and Patricia retrieved Fufi?
(a) He cried because Patricia was so impatient with him.
(b) He cried because Fufi bit him.
(c) He cried because Fufi loved another boy.
(d) He cried because the other boy gave him a vicious cussing out.

2. Why was the author afraid to pray for God to kill the thing that left feces in his grandmother's house?
(a) He was afraid because HE was the thing that left the feces in his grandmother's house and he did not want God to kill him.
(b) He was afraid because he was not sure if he believed in God and could not stand the theological pressure.
(c) He was afraid that if his prayer was not good enough, everyone would know he was to blame.
(d) He was afraid because he was worried the demon would eat him.

3. What predominately Zulu political group violently opposed the African National Congress after the end of apartheid?
(a) The Inkatha.
(b) The Sotho.
(c) The Xhosa.
(d) The National Socialists.

4. How did arguments between the author and his mother change after the author turned eight?
(a) They began to argue in writing instead of in person.
(b) Their arguments became nastier and more personal.
(c) They stopped arguing altogether.
(d) They started arguing about more mature topics.

5. Which tribe does the author describe as "thinkers"?
(a) The Tswana.
(b) The Xhosa.
(c) The Zulu.
(d) The Sotho.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the author respond when he found out that he could not take communion because he was not Catholic?

2. What did the vet reveal to the author about his dog, Fufi, after she died?

3. How did Patricia handle "major disputes" (84) with the author?

4. How did the author respond when another boy claimed that Fufi was his dog?

5. How did the author first endear himself to the black students at H. A. Jack Primary?

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