Born a Crime Character Descriptions

Trevor Noah
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Trevor Noah

This famous comedian grew up to a black mother and a white father in South Africa, where he developed a keen understanding of racial politics which he would go on to mine for humorous commentary.

Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah

This Xhosa woman fearlessly navigated the oppressive structures of apartheid-era South Africa to create a loving, adventurous life for herself and her son.


This mysterious Swiss man disappeared from his son's life for years, only to reveal later that he had scrupulously followed his son's career.


This violent individual terrorized his wife and stepson for years, eventually shooting his wife in the back of the head.


This young man, who lived in Alexandra, South Africa, helped the author run a successful business pirating CDs and DJing shows. He used to be super skinny before he got into bodybuilding, and had a skill for bringing out people's...

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