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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the narrator describe Tamina?
(a) As on a raft looking back.
(b) As a empty soul with no life.
(c) As a empty husk.
(d) As a lost soul whose shape is set in the past.

2. Where does Tamina work?
(a) As a secretary to the Minister of Justice.
(b) As a waitress at a cafe.
(c) As a nanny to one of the big Communist Bosses.
(d) We are not told.

3. What happens to Hubl after his comments?
(a) He is made Minister of Justice.
(b) He defects.
(c) He is jailed six months later.
(d) He is assassinated.

4. To what does the student manipulate Kristyna into agreeing?
(a) To his going to the Writer's Club meeting.
(b) To go to bed with him.
(c) To return that same day back to her home.
(d) To getting her own motel room.

5. What do Kristyna and the person she meets do?
(a) Tell each other all about her life over the past twenty years.
(b) Get to know each other.
(c) Have an emotional affair.
(d) Argues about Kristyna moving to London.

6. Why doesn't the memory of Tamina's husband torment her any longer?
(a) She has had a stroke.
(b) She is in a place of no history.
(c) She has had a lobotomy.
(d) She is in love with Raphael.

7. What happens when Tamina and her husband are abroad?
(a) Her husband becomes ill and dies.
(b) Tamina leaves her husband.
(c) Her husband drowns.
(d) Her husband is arrested and is now in prison.

8. Where is the boat with the boy who rows?
(a) In a field of corn.
(b) At the shore of a lake.
(c) Tied to a bridge at the riverbank.
(d) Docked on the bay.

9. Who are two people Kundera blurs the historic moments of?
(a) Kafta and Mirek.
(b) Clementis and Gottwald.
(c) Kundera and Clementis.
(d) Mirek and Zdena.

10. How is Tamina's situation similar to her husband's when he was ill?
(a) He died in a hospital with no privacy and her new living arrangements mimic this setting.
(b) Neither of them understood the situation.
(c) There is no similarity.
(d) He was physically ill and she is mentally ill.

11. What does Tamina find within herself?
(a) Anger like she has never known.
(b) A tendency to wander mentally.
(c) Resilience.
(d) A treasured silence.

12. How does Hubl say you can "liquidate its people"?
(a) By killing them one by one.
(b) He is not sure how to do it, just that it is necessary.
(c) By erasing their memory of their previous culture.
(d) By indoctrinating their children.

13. Who is Kristyna?
(a) A nun who teachers Kundera.
(b) A friend of the author's.
(c) A 30-year-old woman who is married to a butcher.
(d) An elderly babushka.

14. What is one condition that must occur for graphomania to take place?
(a) The people must be oppressed so they are motivated to speak out.
(b) The people in the society must have an elevated sense of well-being.
(c) There has to be a lot of left-handed people.
(d) The people must be angry and want change.

15. What does Tamina ask Bibi to get at Tamina's stepmother's house?
(a) Pictures of Tamina's daughter.
(b) Pictures of Tamina's son.
(c) Some of Tamina's clothes.
(d) A parcel.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the police go to Tamina's apartment?

2. How do the children on Tamina's team reward her?

3. How does Tamina spend her time?

4. Who is Banaka?

5. When Kristyna arrives, where is the student?

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