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Writer's Club - Where the student goes to talk and listen in on a number of the country's greatest minds, including Goethe, Boccaccio, Voltaire and Lermatov.

Tamina's Cafe - It is at this place where the seed is planted that Tamina might get her notebooks back, where she listens patiently to her regular customers and where she lives her life being as silent as possible.

Golden Ring - Kundera's symbol for Tamina's silence, it represents her past and her desire to hold onto the peace that comes with her memories.

Mama's Poem - Although a simple, revolutionary poem at the time, this takes on new meaning when she tries to recite it to her son and daughter-in-law, Marketa.

Raphael's Red Sports Car - This represents Tamina's acceptance towards her journey to death.

Mushrooms - Picking these with Hanna the actress becomes Passers' final last moments of happiness...

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