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Eric Metaxas
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what Biblical prophets did Metaxas compare Bonhoeffer based upon the speech he gave at Fano?
(a) John the Baptist and Elijah.
(b) Jeremiah and Jonah.
(c) Daniel and Samuel.
(d) Nehemiah and Jeremiah.

2. What question does Metaxas raise with regard to Bonhoeffer's interest in taking a trip to India to visit Ghandi?
(a) "What was the significance that nations with no Christian heritage were more able to stand on Christian principles of peace and love than were those nations who had been trained in them for centuries?"
(b) "Why was it that a pagan could find the courage to stand on the Sermon on the Mount, but those trained in it did not know how to apply it?"
(c) "Was God bringing judgment on Christian nations by leaving them to evil and preparing to move on pagan nations that freely practiced His principles?"
(d) "Was it possible that...Christ was operating among non-Christians in a way that could force the church to action?"

3. Why did Bonhoeffer communicate, in his essay "After Ten Years", that the conspiracy with which he was involved with Bethge, Dohnanyi and Oster, would fail, according to quotes used by Metaxas?
(a) Because Hitler had a legion of demons around him that drove his evil in the spiritual realm.
(b) Because he knew that what they were planning was a grievous sin and that God would show His judgment by keeping them from their goal.
(c) Because he knew the Nazis were watching their every move and one of them was bound to slip up at some point.
(d) Because he knew that he and his friends would be willing to sacrifice all when they were called to obedient, responsible action in faith to God

4. What does Metaxas detail to have prevented the bomb that Stauffenberg detonated from killing Hitler?
(a) The fuses did not detonate.
(b) A socle.
(c) Hitler chose to leave the room.
(d) The Gestapo had Stauffenberg arrested before he could carry out his plot.

5. What speculation does Metaxas offer for the reason that the British government would not encourage German conspiracies to assassinate Hitler?
(a) Churchill wanted to mollify Stalin.
(b) Churchill wanted the credit of killing Hitler to go to a British scheme.
(c) Churchill did not believe that a German conspiracy could be successful.
(d) Churchill was preoccupied with capturing and trying Hitler.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to a letter cited by Metaxas, what aspect of prison life was an enrichment of his life's experience?

2. After Bonhoeffer announced he would be willing to personally kill Hitler, why does Metaxas claim he would have to resign from the Confessing Church?

3. What does Metaxas suggest to be the internal struggle regarding military service that troubled Bonhoeffer?

4. What does Metaxas claim to be Bonhoeffer's view of death?

5. What was Bonhoeffer's next destination after he traveled to Sweden to share information regarding the conspiracy against Hitler with Bishop George Bell, according to Metaxas.

Short Essay Questions

1. What were the reasons that Metaxas cites that led Bonhoeffer to consider the assassination of Adolf Hitler to be necessary?

2. What does Metaxas claim to be Bonhoeffer's indication that the Gestapo was preparing to arrest him?

3. What did Metaxas report to be the event that led to the Kristallnacht?

4. Why did the Anschluss of Austria provide Hitler with wave of popular support in Germany, according to Metaxas?

5. Why does Metaxas claim Bonhoeffer was arrested by the Gestapo?

6. What was the most significant aspect of the relationship between Ruth von Kleist-Retzow and Bonhoeffer, according to Metaxas?

7. Where did Hitler require the French to sign the instrument of surrender to Germany after Hitler had conquered them, according to Metaxas?

8. What does Metaxas identify as a major criticism that Bonhoeffer made of both the international ecumenical movement and the German Confessing Church?

9. How did Bonhoeffer send coded messages to his family while was in captivity, according to Metaxas.

10. How does Metaxas claim Dohnanyi and Bonhoeffer tried to fool the Gestapo with letters between them while they were in captivity.

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