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Eric Metaxas
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Metaxas report to be Bonhoeffer's first ministry?
(a) The Thursday Circle.
(b) The associate pastorship in Barcelona.
(c) Teaching and preaching to a youth Sunday school class in the Grunewald parish.
(d) 14 Wangenheimstrasse.

2. How does Metaxas claim Hitler viewed Christianity and the church?
(a) Hitler was ambivalent to the church and focused only on his political fortunes.
(b) Hitler viewed the church pragmatically and appealed to it to gain power.
(c) Hitler was a faithful Catholic and encouraged members of his entourage to remain active in their congregations.
(d) Hitler viewed the church as a barrier to his power and attempted to have it destroyed.

3. Of the students with whom Bonhoeffer socialized while in New York, which does Metaxas claim had the greatest influence?
(a) Jean Lassere.
(b) Paul Lehman.
(c) Albert Franklin Fisher.
(d) Erwin Sutz.

4. What does Metaxas report to be the focus of Bonhoeffer's thoughts in London while some of his colleagues were concentrating on political battles against Nazi intrusion of the church?
(a) Bonhoeffer was thinking about how to get the world involved in dealing with Hitler's social and religious agenda.
(b) Bonhoeffer was thinking about how he could best influence Germany's leaders.
(c) Bonhoeffer was thinking about God's call of discipleship and its cost.
(d) Bonhoeffer was thinking about permanently leaving Germany and renouncing his citizenship.

5. What does Metaxas claim Bonhoeffer discovered of Spanish professors and contemporary Spanish writers?
(a) They showed the same disciplined thought as his father.
(b) They were bitterly anti-clerical.
(c) They were eager to receive Bonhoeffer's thoughts about ecumenicalism.
(d) They provided an elevated level of conversation.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Metaxas claim the Reigchstag Fire Edict empowered the Nazis over Germany?

2. Why does Metaxas suggest the students in Bonhoeffer's confirmation class in Wedding were different from similar children in classes he taught in Harlem?

3. Upon what does Metaxas focus "Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy" upon?

4. To what conclusion does Metaxas report Bonhoeffer arrived in a journal entry regarding his observations of art and his criticism of art historians?

5. How did Germans consider the Weimar Republic, according to Metaxas?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Metaxas claim that Karl Barth influenced Bonhoeffer's theological approach?

2. For what was Bonhoeffer's maternal great-grandfather, Karl August von Hase, well known according to Metaxas?

3. What does Metaxas highlight from Harry Emerson Fosdick's Sermon, "Shall the Fundamentalists Win?"

4. What does Metaxas report to be Churchill's response to conspiracies to assassinate Adolf Hitler seeking allied support?

5. What was a criticism of Bonhoeffer's regarding the communal living of American seminary students that was cited by Metaxas?

6. Who does Metaxas claim to have inspired Bonhoeffer to desire to travel to Rome?

7. How does Metaxas claim that Bonhoeffer suggested Christians' treatment of Christ while he was in Barcelona?

8. What event during Bonhoeffer's trip to Rome does Metaxas suggest to have begun developing Bonhoeffer's understanding of the concept of "church"?

9. Why does Metaxas claim that meeting Karl Barth was important to Bonhoeffer?

10. Why does Metaxas lament Martin Luther's late-in-life anti-Semitic comments?

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