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Eric Metaxas
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Metaxas claim that Bonhoeffer's sister Sabine and her husband, Gerhard Leibholz, choose to flee Germany when they did?
(a) They left for a better life in England.
(b) They left to avoid the Kristallnacht.
(c) They left to avoid laws that would require passports of Jews to be specially marked.
(d) They left because they saw their relationship to Bonhoeffer as a threat to their children's safety.

2. What relationship did Bonhoeffer have with Maria von Wedemeyer before he had seen her while visiting her grandmother?
(a) He was a close friend of her brother's in the conspiracy to assassinate Hitler.
(b) He had refused to take the task of training her for her confirmation when she was 12 because she did not seem mature enough.
(c) He trained her as a Bible student as part of the Confessing Church.
(d) He had acted as an uncle to her in the absence of her father who was sent to the Russian front.

3. After Bonhoeffer announced he would be willing to personally kill Hitler, why does Metaxas claim he would have to resign from the Confessing Church?
(a) He knew that the church would be marred by his sin.
(b) He was choosing to dedicate his life to being a double agent.
(c) Because he knew that being willing to kill Hitler was leading him to renounce his Christianity.
(d) He did not want to implicate the church in a task that he was undertaking alone.

4. What speculation does Metaxas offer for the reason that the British government would not encourage German conspiracies to assassinate Hitler?
(a) Churchill wanted to mollify Stalin.
(b) Churchill wanted the credit of killing Hitler to go to a British scheme.
(c) Churchill was preoccupied with capturing and trying Hitler.
(d) Churchill did not believe that a German conspiracy could be successful.

5. How does Metaxas explain that Bonhoeffer planned to escape from Tegel?
(a) By hiding in a bag of dirty laundry to be delivered to a uniform service.
(b) By walking out with Corporal Knobloch in a mechanics uniform.
(c) His uncle, Paul von Hase, military commandant over Tegel, would have him released.
(d) By tunneling out from his cell.

6. What does Metaxas report to be the commissar order?
(a) A direct order that all prisoners taken by the German military were to be placed under the direct command of an SS commissar.
(b) A military order that ordered that all Soviet commissars be captured and grilled for torture techniques.
(c) A military order that all captured Soviet military leaders were to be shot and killed.
(d) A direct order that all German military officers would be assigned a Nazi commissar to direct them in the proper German method of conducting combat.

7. What reservations does Metaxas claim Maria's sister and her husband had regarding Bonhoeffer?
(a) His role in the conspiracy against Hitler.
(b) His role as a pastor for an underground church.
(c) His involvement with the Abwehr.
(d) His age.

8. Who does Metaxas identify as the individual who was largely responsible for helping Bonhoeffer have a purpose for going to America before Germany started a war?
(a) Paul Lehmann.
(b) Reinhold Niebuhr.
(c) Henry Sloan Coffin.
(d) Henry Leiper.

9. What question does Metaxas raise with regard to Bonhoeffer's interest in taking a trip to India to visit Ghandi?
(a) "Was it possible that...Christ was operating among non-Christians in a way that could force the church to action?"
(b) "Why was it that a pagan could find the courage to stand on the Sermon on the Mount, but those trained in it did not know how to apply it?"
(c) "What was the significance that nations with no Christian heritage were more able to stand on Christian principles of peace and love than were those nations who had been trained in them for centuries?"
(d) "Was God bringing judgment on Christian nations by leaving them to evil and preparing to move on pagan nations that freely practiced His principles?"

10. What event began WWII according to Metaxas?
(a) The Non-aggression Pact between Hitler and Stalin.
(b) The Anschluss of Austria.
(c) Nazi occupation of Prague.
(d) The invasion of Poland.

11. How does Metaxas indicate that Churchill harmed the conspiracy against Hitler?
(a) By refusing to negotiate with it until it had killed Hitler.
(b) By announcing that he would only accept an unconditional surrender from Germany.
(c) By refusing to hear any information of its progress.
(d) By accusing every German of being a Nazi.

12. What does Metaxas report to be the meaning of the officials at Flossenburg telling the prisoners being transferred from Buchenwald that the camp was "too full" to receive them?
(a) The camp had been converted to a receiving center for refugees fleeing allied bombing.
(b) The winding down of the war meant the Germans were not wasting resources and time on political executions.
(c) That those prisoners were not marked for death as the only purpose for Flossenburg was to execute prisoners.
(d) That they were backlogged on executions and they would have to wait in another location until they could be "processed".

13. What action by Norwegian bishops in response to Vidkun Quisling's removal of Provost Fjellbu from a church leadership position does Metaxis report encouraged Bonhoeffer?
(a) Every Norwegian bishop immediately severed his connections to the government.
(b) Every Norwegian bishop marched on the capital and demanded the decision be reversed.
(c) Every Norwegian bishop placed their churches under the authority of the Confessing Church.
(d) Every Norwegian bishop disappeared and took the church underground.

14. What does Metaxas cite as the main reason that Bonhoeffer's treatment at Tegel was not as severe as it could have been?
(a) Bonhoeffer's uncle, Paul von Hase, was the military commandant who had authority over the top warden at Tegel.
(b) The guards at Tegel found Bonhoeffer to be a good man who treated them with kindness.
(c) Bonhoeffer's fame as a pastor and public opponent to the Nazis made him something of a celebrity.
(d) The officials at Tegel were inwardly anti-Nazi like Bonhoeffer.

15. Why did Bonhoeffer communicate, in his essay "After Ten Years", that the conspiracy with which he was involved with Bethge, Dohnanyi and Oster, would fail, according to quotes used by Metaxas?
(a) Because Hitler had a legion of demons around him that drove his evil in the spiritual realm.
(b) Because he knew the Nazis were watching their every move and one of them was bound to slip up at some point.
(c) Because he knew that what they were planning was a grievous sin and that God would show His judgment by keeping them from their goal.
(d) Because he knew that he and his friends would be willing to sacrifice all when they were called to obedient, responsible action in faith to God

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Bonhoeffer first meet Eberhard Bethge, according to Metaxas?

2. What does Metaxas report to be the one thing that Bonhoeffer did every day of his captivity?

3. What does Metaxas detail to have prevented the bomb that Stauffenberg detonated from killing Hitler?

4. How does Metaxas show how Eberhard Bethge explained how Bonhoeffer could accept the paradox of being a Christian involved in an assassination plot against a head of state?

5. What does Metaxas suggest to be the internal struggle regarding military service that troubled Bonhoeffer?

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