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Eric Metaxas
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Metaxas claim to have inspired Bonhoeffer and his fellow prisoners to hang on through their imprisonment in Buchenwald?
(a) The knowledge that any moment might bring their liberation or their deaths.
(b) The hymns that Bonhoeffer gently sang.
(c) The willingness of all the prisoners to cooperate to try to find their way of escape.
(d) The presence of Bonhoeffer's quiet courage.

2. How did the commissar order revitalize the conspiracy to overthrow Hitler?
(a) The generals felt that adding an SS commissar to their entourage would slow down their progress.
(b) Many generals felt Soviet commissars could be used to find more important tactical information.
(c) The generals felt that prisoners of war were their responsibility and could be used in productive supporting roles for their soldiers.
(d) Many generals considered the order to be an unreasonable violation of the rules of warfare.

3. What international event prevented a conspiracy from declaring Hitler insane and removing him from office, according to Metaxas?
(a) The Anschluss of Austria.
(b) Neville Chamberlain appearing in Munich to negotiate the peaceful German occupation of Czechoslovakia?
(c) The Krystallnacht.
(d) The resignation of General Ludwig von Beck.

4. Why didn't the suicide plan involving Major Rudolf-Christoph von Gersdorff to kill Hitler with bombs hiding in Gersdorff's overcoat while Hitler attended a Hero's Memorial Day, according to Metaxas?
(a) Because the fuses to the bombs did not work.
(b) Because Hitler cut his visit short before the bombs could detonate.
(c) Because the Gestapo had discovered the plot and had Gersdorff arrested.
(d) Because Gersdorff lost his nerve.

5. What dramatic event greeted Bonhoeffer as 1938 was beginning, according to Metaxas?
(a) He helped his sister and her husband leave Germany for Switzerland.
(b) He heard about Kristallnacht.
(c) Gestapo officers arrested him and 30 others during a meeting of the Confessing Church.
(d) He became part of the conspiracy to assassinate Hitler.

6. Where did Bonhoeffer first meet Eberhard Bethge, according to Metaxas?
(a) During a conference with leaders of the Confessing Church.
(b) On the peninsula of Zingst.
(c) In Berlin upon his return from England.
(d) During one of the many social engagements at his parents home.

7. What seeming contradiction of Bonhoeffer's was amplified by the war, according to Metaxas?
(a) Bonhoeffer was not a pacifist, but he did not support wars.
(b) Bonhoeffer would not join the military, but he encouraged others to join.
(c) Bonhoeffer would not be willing to kill as a soldier, but he was willing to conspire to kill Hitler.
(d) Bonhoeffer could not fight for Hitler's Germany, but he was extraordinarily supportive of those who did.

8. How does Metaxas indicate that Churchill harmed the conspiracy against Hitler?
(a) By accusing every German of being a Nazi.
(b) By refusing to hear any information of its progress.
(c) By refusing to negotiate with it until it had killed Hitler.
(d) By announcing that he would only accept an unconditional surrender from Germany.

9. What speculation does Metaxas make as to why the former Nazi official who performed medical experiments on concentration camp prisoners was placed in confinement?
(a) Because he had come to his conscience and refused to conduct any more experiments.
(b) Because he attempted to publish his findings in a Swiss medical journal so they could be more widely used.
(c) He had become disgusted with his work and joined the conspiracy to assassinate Hitler.
(d) He was found to be keeping records of what he was doing for the Nazis so he could share them with allied officials to incriminate his superiors.

10. When does Metaxas record Maria learned of Bonhoeffer's arrest?
(a) April 20.
(b) 13 days after it had happened.
(c) April 5.
(d) Two days later when the Gestapo showed up at her house to question her about her relationship with Bonhoeffer.

11. Who gave Hitler early congratulations for his successful annexation of Austria, according to Metaxas?
(a) Bishop Martin Sasse the Protestant Bishop of Thuringia, Austria.
(b) Herman Goring.
(c) General Wilhelm von Fritsch.
(d) General Ludwig von Beck.

12. What does Metaxas claim to be a motivation for Bonhoeffer's letter writing style while he was in prison?
(a) To fool his captors into believing he was arrested wrongfully.
(b) To make his captors believe he was enjoying his captivity.
(c) To give his captors a framework through which they would evaluate his interrogations.
(d) To assure his parents he was safe.

13. What does Metaxas claim that Bonhoeffer saw would destroy Germany after the defeat of France?
(a) He saw that they had become mindlessly controlled by the Nazi view for Germany.
(b) He saw that Hitler would be able to lead them to their own destruction.
(c) He saw that Germany would be destroyed by success.
(d) He saw that now that Germans were turning back history, Germans would be taken by jealousy for each other.

14. What does Metaxas identify as the major difference between the ecumenical movement and Bonhoeffer with regard to WWII?
(a) The ecumenical movement believed Hitler could be negotiated with, but Bonhoeffer did not.
(b) The ecumenical movement discouraged people from joining the military, but Bonhoeffer did not feel so empowered.
(c) The ecumenical movement was pacifist, but Bonhoeffer was not.
(d) The ecumenical movement sought to end the war, but Bonhoeffer decided that Hitler had to be assassinated.

15. Who in the conspiracy against Hitler does Metaxas suggest was arrested before Bonhoeffer?
(a) Hans Oster.
(b) Wilhelm Schmidhuber.
(c) Hans Dohnanyi.
(d) Joseph Muller.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Metaxas report to be the one thing that Bonhoeffer did every day of his captivity?

2. What action by Norwegian bishops in response to Vidkun Quisling's removal of Provost Fjellbu from a church leadership position does Metaxis report encouraged Bonhoeffer?

3. Why did Bonhoeffer recommend that Bethge keep up daily meditations on scripture even while he traveled according to Metaxas?

4. Who does Metaxas identify as the individual who was largely responsible for helping Bonhoeffer have a purpose for going to America before Germany started a war?

5. What question does Metaxas raise with regard to Bonhoeffer's interest in taking a trip to India to visit Ghandi?

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