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Eric Metaxas
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapters 2, 3 and 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Metaxas, how did Karl Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Bonhoeffer's father, meet Bonhoeffer's mother, the former Paula von Hase?
(a) He met her while on a tour to Breslau.
(b) He met her in her role as an assistant to Karl Wernicke, an internationally renowned professor of psychiatry.
(c) He met her at an "open evening" at the house of physicist Oscar meyer.
(d) He met her while ice skating on the canals in the morning.

2. Why does Metaxas claim Bonhoeffer did not marry his first love?
(a) Because Bonhoeffer's travels around the world kept the relationship from growing.
(b) Because she was Jewish.
(c) Because she married another man while he was travelling.
(d) Because Bonhoeffer would not allow other people to get close to him.

3. What is the explanation that Metaxas gives for Bonhoeffer's willingness to join the same fraternity his father, Igel, when he attended Berlin University?
(a) Igel eschewed the use of alcohol.
(b) Igel was politically moderate and patriotic, but not nationalistic.
(c) Igel members were well known for their elaborate hats and dueling scars.
(d) Igel had direct political connections to the line of German Chancellors dating back to the 19th century.

4. How does Metaxas describe the "Thursday Circle"?
(a) A study group with which he met as he worked through his doctorate.
(b) The children in his Sunday school class who would come to his house.
(c) A discussion group of young men Bohnoeffer personally selected.
(d) A group of friends who gathered at 14 Wangenheimstrasse.

5. Metaxas quotes Eberhard Bethge as claiming that Bonhoeffer grew up in a family that believed what about learning?
(a) "That learning only comes from taking risks that often result in failure."
(b) "that ... the essence of learning lay not in a formal education but in the deeply rooted obligation to be guardians of a great historical heritage and intellectual tradition."
(c) "That learning is not given, it is captured and taken by those who most desire it."
(d) "That the Bonhoeffer family believed that all families should have the opportunity to have free, public education provided for their children."

Short Answer Questions

1. To what did Metaxas credit Bonhoeffer's intellectual independence and confidence in contradicting his theology professors?

2. What does Metaxas report to be the conditions in Germany that inspired Adolph Hitler to lead the Bierhall Putch?

3. Who taught Bonhoeffer's nanny, Kathe van Horn, Christian concepts that challenged Lutheran orthodoxies of the day?

4. Who does Metaxas report to be the professor who became the greatest influence over Bonhoeffer's life?

5. How does Metaxas report a member of Igel described Bonhoeffer?

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