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Eric Metaxas
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 23, 24 and 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Metaxas claim Bonhoeffer kept informed of the turmoil involving the German church?
(a) Members of his congregations updated him through their contacts.
(b) His mother, Paula Bonhoeffer, kept him updated through her various contacts including her son-in-law, General von der Goltz.
(c) He had many phone updates from a wide number of contacts.
(d) He knew British news reporters who got timely information from Berlin.

2. What former theological nemesis of Bonhoeffer's does Metaxas report to have joined a conspiracy against Hitler?
(a) George Bell.
(b) Ludwig von Muller
(c) Hans Schonfeld.
(d) Theodor Heckel.

3. How did Germans consider the Weimar Republic, according to Metaxas?
(a) As a logical extension from the days of the Kaiser who ruled over the united Germanic tribes.
(b) As just another political arrangement designed to empower the wealthy.
(c) As an unpleasant political has forced on them by their enemies...who wanted Germany to be weak anyway.
(d) As preferable to Bolshevism.

4. How does Metaxas indicate Deutsche Hilfsverein affected Bonhoeffer?
(a) He saw the terrible nature of Nazi anti-semitism.
(b) It helped him with the realization of how his German heritage would direct his life.
(c) He learned how Germany was influencing the governments and cultures of other countries.
(d) He saw how people whose businesses failed and those who were caught in poverty or crime lived.

5. What does Metaxas cite as the first reason that Bonhoeffer joined the Abwehr?
(a) The gestapo would be forced to leave him alone and he would have freedom of movement to continue his work as a pastor.
(b) By joining the Abwehr, Bonhoeffer could avoid military service.
(c) Joining the Abwehr put him in touch with the conspiracy to assassinate Hitler.
(d) The Abwehr had become a front organization for helping Jews leave Germany.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Bonhoeffer's view of philosophy, according to Metaxas?

2. At what age does Metaxas report Bonhoeffer completed his second postdoctoral thesis?

3. What was a criticism that Bonhoeffer made of his head pastor in Barcelona, Friedrich Olbricht?

4. What does Metaxas report to be the commissar order?

5. How did Henry Smithe Lieper explain how Bonhoeffer was different from his pastoral peers in Germany, according to Metaxas?

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