Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Eric Metaxas
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Essay Topic 1

The Bonhoeffer family set models of respect, standards, expectations, and support that served Dietrich Bonhoeffer throughout his life. Detail examples from the book where each of the aforementioned qualities were implemented in Bonhoeffer's life, and explain how those served him as he came to face the decisions and consequences of being involved with conspiracies to overthrow Adolf Hitler.

Essay Topic 2

Bonhoeffer's family played important roles throughout various times in his life. Choose a member of Bonhoeffer's immediate family (this can include the spouses of siblings) who played an important role in his life and had a significant influence on what Bonhoeffer's life and missions. Give the details of how this family member impacted Bonhoeffer's life, how the individual challenged Bonhoeffer's character or nurtured his development, and whether the individual was a positive or negative influence on Bonhoeffer's life generally.

Essay Topic 3

During his time in Rome...

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