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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following actions is not something Kramer does to coach Roland Auburn for his testimony?
(a) Shows him how to address the judge
(b) Shows him how to walk
(c) Shows him how to sit while at the stand
(d) Provides him a new wardrobe

2. On which famous avenue is the Ruskins' apartment?
(a) Madison Avenue
(b) Lexington Avenue
(c) Fifth Avenue
(d) Park Avenue

3. What physical attribute of the Italian court artist does Kramer notice most?
(a) Her eyes
(b) Her lips
(c) Her breasts
(d) Her feet

4. On what day of the week does Chapter 19 take place?
(a) Wednesday
(b) Monday
(c) Sunday
(d) Friday

5. How much money does Tommy Killian require for a retainer?
(a) 75,000 dollars
(b) 150,000 dollars
(c) 30,000 dollars
(d) He will forego a retainer

6. Why does Judy insist that she and Sherman attend the di Duccis social event?
(a) Remaining in the condo all day is driving them mad
(b) Withdrawing from society implies guilt
(c) He has to get his side of the story out
(d) They never once missed it

7. How does Sherman characterize Quigley's plan to get Maria to confess?
(a) Sinful
(b) Exciting
(c) Nerve-wracking
(d) Ungentlemanly

8. What does Sherman tell his daughter to remember in the coming days?
(a) He is thinking of her
(b) He is a good guy
(c) He loves her
(d) Everyone makes mistakes

9. According to Quigley, where is Maria Ruskin presently?
(a) Italy
(b) Antigua
(c) San Fransisco
(d) New Zealand

10. Where does Sherman talk to Tommy Killian?
(a) At his desk
(b) At Killian's office
(c) In Lopwitz's office
(d) At a coffee shop in the Financial District

11. What is Sherman McCoy's status at Pierce and Pierce as of Chapter 25?
(a) He is using his personal days
(b) He has been summarily fired
(c) He has accepted a company buy-out
(d) He is on an unpaid leave

12. Who regularly dines at the restaurant where Arthur Ruskin dies despite public statements against it?
(a) Reverend Bacon
(b) Sir Gerald Steiner
(c) Abe Weiss
(d) The Mayor

13. Who visits the Reverend Bacon at the beginning of Chapter 25?
(a) Peter Fallow
(b) The Mayor
(c) Edward Fiske
(d) Abe Weiss

14. What prominent component of the McCoy case is Larry Kramer trying to purchase?
(a) Sherman's Mercedes
(b) The tire fromt he ramp
(c) The McCoy condo
(d) Germain Boll's love nest

15. What has Sherman McCoy resolved to do as he waits in Tommy Killian's waiting room?
(a) Kill Maria
(b) Plead guilty
(c) Fire Killian
(d) Skip town

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the staff of the restaurant give Peter Fallow after Arthur Ruskin's body is removed?

2. What makes Sherman unhappy on the drive to the courthouse?

3. How many reporters have been assigned to corroborating Fallow's tip about Maria Ruskin?

4. What does Sherman McCoy do in the courtroom at the end of the Epilogue?

5. In what state does Sherman find himself at the di Duccis event?

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