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The Black Mercedes-Benz

This object becomes the primary evidence against Sherman McCoy.

Bruckner Boulevard

This leads through the Bronx's most crime-infested areas.

The Criminal Courts Building

This is where Sherman is brought by Martin and Goldberg.

Germaine Boll's Townhouse

This object is sub-rented by Maria Ruskin.

Harold A. Burns'

This is where Fallow overhears Maria's incriminating conversation with Sherman McCoy.


This is a home away from home for ex-patriot Brits like Peter Fallow.

Park Avenue

This street becomes clogged with poor, minority protesters during the Sherman McCoy scandal.

Pierce & Pierce

This is where Sherman McCoy works.

The Ramp

This is the exact location of the Henry Lamb hit-and-run.


This is the upscale prep school that Sherman's daughter, Campbell, attends.

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