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Essay Topic 1

Write an essay comparing the character arcs of Sherman McCoy and Larry Kramer. Are the two men mirrors of each other in the novel? How do they both view their lives and the people who care about them? Does Kramer's resentment of the privileged WASP existence also indicate a desire to have that life?

Essay Topic 2

In Tom Wolfe's novel, the media is the true arbiter of justice in New York City. If it does not involve a photo opportunity, it does not count and will not register in the public consciousness: Write an essay about the role of the media and how it skews public opinion to a certain end in the novel.

Part 1) How does Peter Fallow's initial coverage of the Henry Lamb hit-and-run turn a "piece of shit" into a priority for the DA? What does Fallow do to juice the scant information...

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