The Bonfire of the Vanities Character Descriptions

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Sherman McCoy - This character often refers to himself as a Master of the Universe.

Lawrence N. Kramer - This character is the prosecutor of the novel's central trial.

Peter Fallow - This character has turned the idea of mooching into an art form.

Maria Ruskin - This character is married to an elderly multi-billionaire.

Judy McCoy - This character promises to stand by her husband during his trial but only publicly.

Reverend Bacon - This character is a frequent filer of anti-discrimination lawsuits in New York.

Abe Weiss - This character is a District Attorney famous for his frequent press conferences.

Bernie Fitzgibbon - This character is the chief of the Homicide Bureau in the District Attorney's Office.

Sir Gerald Steiner - This character runs a tabloid newspaper in New York.

Arthur Ruskin - This character dies suddenly at a fashionable New York restaurant.

Germaine Boll...

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