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Fae M. Ng
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Mason Louie's repair shop located in the city where Leon and Leila live?
(a) Brooklyn
(b) Mission
(c) The docks
(d) Japantown

2. What does Leon want to buy Mah at the Goodwill with the $25 he gets from working at the cafe?
(a) A jade plant
(b) A ring
(c) An unneeded stereo
(d) Flowers

3. Normally when Leila comes to visit Leon, what does he make for her to drink during their time together?
(a) Tea
(b) Warm milk
(c) Coffee
(d) Scotch on the rocks

4. Leon doesn't care that others in Chinatown think his family is unlucky because they have three __________.
(a) Sons
(b) Failed businesses
(c) Daughters
(d) Homes

5. Since Ona killed herself, it has been too hard for __________ to live with Mah on Salmon Alley.
(a) Mason
(b) Nina
(c) Leila
(d) Leon

Short Answer Questions

1. What kinds of dinners do the two sisters make their toast to as they sit in the restaurant?

2. How many times to Leila and Nina clink their glasses together in order to encourage good luck?

3. What is the American restaurant the sisters go to in order to avoid Chinatown?

4. Where is Leon working to help out with the lunch rush, as she eventually discovers?

5. Who is the one who had the abortion and tells Leon and Mah, even though there doesn't seem to be a reason to do so?

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