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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, The Map)


In chapter one Smiley explains that he has never had a penny in his life and he is as free as a bird. This is just one example of the way that Smiley is constantly trying to be an optimist. The objective of this lesson is to look at optimism.


1) Discussion: What would you define as optimism? Is there a point when optimism is not appropriate or when a person can exhibit too much optimism? Explain.

2) Classwork: Does Smiley's optimism seem to change the mood of those around him in any respect? If so how and if not speculate on why it does or does not influence the mood of those around him.

3) Homework: Ask the students to pick an aspect of optimism to write about in their own life. Explain if you think you need to be more optimistic or if you feel that...

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