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Barrelhaven News

There are a lot of things going on near Barrelhaven. Create a newspaper based on the events seen in the book. You can add as much as you like including a society page, horoscope, classifieds, and a front-page news story.

Smiley's Resume

Smiley finally gets done working at Lucius' bar and decides to create a resume for his next job. Write out his resume.

Phoney's Shrink

Phoney decides to go and sit on the couch and get professional help. Describe the conversation that Phoney has and give a diagnosis based on what he tells the doc.

Rat Creature's Quiche

The rat creatures have perfected their quiche and decide to open their own restaurant. Give a name and a menu for the new restaurant.

Phoney's New Scheme

Phoney has come up with a new money making scheme. Explain what the new scheme is what the goal of...

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