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Chapter 1, The Map

• The Bone cousins are in the desert after being ran out of Boneville because of Phoney Bone.

• Smiley finds a map that looks like it was drawn by a child.

• The cousins are separated in a swarm of locusts.

• Fone starts following the map that had been found and eventually leads him to a valley.

• A dragon saves Fone's life although Fone is unaware of the dragon's presence.

• Fone is snowed in the valley.

Chapter 2, Thorne

• Fone is asked by Miz 'Possum to watch her children.

• The possum children are playing and are captured by the rat creatures.

• Fone rescues the children and the dragon comes to save Fone.

• Fone explains to Miz 'Possum what happened but no one believes in dragons.

• Fone goes to the hot spring to wash up and meets a beautiful girl named Thorn.

• Thorn says she doesn't know where Boneville...

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