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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Gran'ma Ben tell that Lucius is back?
(a) Her husband.
(b) The rat creatures.
(c) The red dragon.
(d) The evil king.

2. What are the rat creatures ordered to do in Book 1, Chapter 4?
(a) Attack the town.
(b) Leave the county.
(c) Find the Bone with the star.
(d) Go to the races.

3. What is Fone's favorite book?
(a) Gulliver's Travels.
(b) Moby Dick.
(c) Great Expectations.
(d) A Tale of Two Cities.

4. What is Smiley doing in Barrelhaven?
(a) Bartending.
(b) Begging for money.
(c) Running for office.
(d) Cow racing.

5. Who falls off the roof in Book 2, Chapter 6?
(a) Smiley.
(b) Lucius.
(c) Phoney.
(d) Fone.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Lucius Down?

2. What does the red dragon do in Book 1, Chapter 6?

3. Who claims to be a dragon-slayer?

4. What part of Kingdok does Thorn injure?

5. What reason is given in Book 2, Chapter 3 for no one betting on Gran'ma Ben?

Short Essay Questions

1. Please describe the three Bone cousins.

2. What does the hooded figure do in Book 1?

3. What happens when Gran'ma receives news of a coming battle in Chapter 8?

4. What scheme does Phoney come up with in Book 4, Chapter 6?

5. What does Thorn learn about herself in Book 4, Chapter 3?

6. How does Phoney find Smiley?

7. How do the villagers feel about Phoney in Book 3?

8. Why was Phoney forced out of Boneville?

9. What happened to Thorn's parents according to Gran'ma Ben?

10. What state does Lucius find things in when he returns from looking for Gran'ma Ben?

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