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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ted agree to do for Smiley and Fone at the start of Book 6?
(a) Help them kill Kingdok.
(b) Take them back to Barrelhaven.
(c) Take them back to Boneville.
(d) Help them find Thorn.

2. What does Thorn use her Veni-yan-cari abilities for in Book 7, Chapter 1?
(a) To see the future.
(b) To read the Locust King's mind.
(c) To avoid the ghost circles.
(d) To destroy Kingdok.

3. How does Smiley feel when the baby rat creature leaves with the other rat creatures?
(a) He is angry.
(b) He is relieved.
(c) He is happy.
(d) He is sad.

4. In Chapter Three, who else has joined Fone and Smiley as victims?
(a) Thorn.
(b) Phoney.
(c) Two rat creatures.
(d) Lucius.

5. What are Smiley and Fone doing at the start of Book 5, Chapter 1?
(a) Cooking stew.
(b) Knife sharpening.
(c) Making sandwiches.
(d) Carving wood.

6. What do Smiley and Fone see in the distance right before they reach the cave?
(a) Thorn being dragged away.
(b) Gran'ma Ben.
(c) Barrelhaven burning.
(d) Phoney coming to help them.

7. Roque Ja says he is going to take Fone and Smiley where?
(a) To Barrelhaven.
(b) To the hooded figure.
(c) To the mountain.
(d) To the graveyard.

8. What scares away Fone's attackers in Book 5, Chapter 4?
(a) The baby rat creature.
(b) Roque Ja.
(c) An earthquake.
(d) The sound of the Harvestar crest falling to the ground.

9. Who does Bartleby rescue from Briar in Book 7, Chapter 3?
(a) Gran'ma Ben.
(b) Thorn.
(c) Phoney.
(d) Smiley.

10. What does Phoney use to sneak everyone into the city in Book 8, Chapter 1?
(a) A cart of hay.
(b) Cloaks.
(c) A covered wagon.
(d) Cow costumes.

11. What attacks Phoney and Fone in the marketplace?
(a) A donkey.
(b) A snake.
(c) A bee.
(d) A goat.

12. What is the one thing Thorn remembers from the attack on her parents?
(a) The dragon was bad.
(b) She did not have a nursemaid.
(c) Gran'ma Ben was not there.
(d) Lucius was evil.

13. Who is Briar?
(a) Lucius' sister.
(b) Gran'ma Ben's sister.
(c) Thorn's evil twin.
(d) Thorn's mother.

14. Who stops the villagers from stringing up Phoney in Book 6, Chapter 1?
(a) Gran'ma Ben.
(b) Thorn.
(c) Lucius.
(d) Fone.

15. What is the penalty for trespassing in the dragon burial grounds?
(a) Death.
(b) Imprisonment for life.
(c) Eternal servitude to the dragons.
(d) Going crazy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who/what attacks Fone and the others as they stand on a ledge in Book 5, Chapter 4?

2. What is Roque Ja?

3. Who tells Thorn about the Crown of Horns?

4. What plan does Thorn say she has in Book 6, Chapter 4?

5. What is the name given to the baby rat creature?

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