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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Friends & Enemies; Book Nine: Crown of Horns.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who returns to Boneville with the Bone cousins?
(a) Thorn.
(b) Bartleby.
(c) Gran'ma Ben.
(d) The red dragon.

2. Who interrupts Thorn right as she is about to touch the Crown of Horns?
(a) Briar.
(b) Roque Ja.
(c) Kingdok.
(d) Mim.

3. Where are the cousins when they find a map?
(a) The desert.
(b) The forest.
(c) An island.
(d) Boonville.

4. Why does the hooded one want Thorn?
(a) To have her kingdom.
(b) To decode the map.
(c) To save himself.
(d) To free the Lord of the Locust.

5. What happens when Fone and Thorn step into the ghost circle?
(a) They see ghosts.
(b) They hear voices of those trapped inside.
(c) They go temporarily blind.
(d) They start to die.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the villagers find when they go searching for Fone in Book 4, Chapter 2?

2. What does the dragon call Fone in Book 3, Chapter 2?

3. What is the only way everyone will survive, according to Lucius?

4. Why does Phoney refuse to leave the battle when Gran'ma gives him the option?

5. Who is dressed in a cow costume at the start of Book 2, Chapter 4?

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