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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Friends & Enemies or Harvest; Book Eight: Treasure Hunters.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What plan does Thorn say she has in Book 6, Chapter 4?
(a) A plan to get the Bones' back to Boneville.
(b) A plan to assassinate the hooded figure.
(c) A plan to beat the rat creatures.
(d) A plan to kill the Locust King.

2. Where are Thorn, Smiley, and Fone at the start of Book 6, Chapter 2?
(a) On the road.
(b) In a tree.
(c) At the farmhouse.
(d) In the cave.

3. How does Gran'ma Ben look when she enters the barn in Book 3, Chapter 3?
(a) Angry.
(b) Crazy.
(c) Tired.
(d) Happy.

4. What message do the holy men bring to Thorn?
(a) She must go to the dragon boneyard.
(b) She must go to Boneville.
(c) She must go to the Old Man's Cave.
(d) She must head up to the mountain.

5. What is housed in a secret compartment in Gran'ma's farm house?
(a) A crossbow.
(b) A shield and sword.
(c) A secret tunnel.
(d) A magic compass.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Gran'ma Ben's story, who could help free the Lord of Locusts?

2. Who do the villagers blame for their misfortunes in Book 3, Chapter 8?

3. Where is Gran'ma Ben when Thorn and Fone arrive home in Book 1, Chapter 3?

4. What are Gran'ma Ben and Phoney discussing in Chapter 4?

5. What are the rat creatures deathly afraid of?

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