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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Phoney Strikes Back or Solstice; Book Six: Old Man's Cave.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are Thorn, Smiley, and Fone at the start of Book 6, Chapter 2?
(a) On the road.
(b) In the cave.
(c) In a tree.
(d) At the farmhouse.

2. Where are the cousins when they find a map?
(a) The forest.
(b) Boonville.
(c) The desert.
(d) An island.

3. Who/what attacks Fone and the others as they stand on a ledge in Book 5, Chapter 4?
(a) The black dragon.
(b) Kingdok.
(c) Locusts.
(d) The hooded figure.

4. What is Phoney doing in the tavern at the start of Book 1, Chapter 6?
(a) Betting.
(b) Washing dishes.
(c) Dancing.
(d) Eating.

5. Where is Fone at the start of Book 2, Chapter 4?
(a) The farm.
(b) The forest.
(c) The tavern.
(d) The brook.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which word best describes the relationship between Kingdok and Roque Ja as seen in Book 5?

2. Who is Thorn looking for at the end of Book 6, Chapter 1?

3. What does Gran'ma say the hooded figure is?

4. What do Smiley and Fone do with the baby rat creature in Book 4, Chapter 7?

5. What skill does Briar have?

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