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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Friends & Enemies or Harvest; Book Eight: Treasure Hunters.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Fone think they should go in Book 6, Chapter 4?
(a) To the shore.
(b) To Boneville.
(c) To the Old Man's Cave.
(d) To Barrelhaven.

2. According to the prologue of Book 7, who is seen in the arms of the hooded one?
(a) Thorn.
(b) Lucius.
(c) Fone.
(d) Phoney.

3. What does the sacred ground of the dragon burial grounds do for Thorn?
(a) Helps her recover from her illness.
(b) Helps her Veni-yan-cari abilities grow in power.
(c) Endows her with immortality.
(d) Gives her super strength.

4. What has Tarsil made it illegal to do in Atheia?
(a) Speak of the Harvestars.
(b) Speak of the Locust King.
(c) Speak of the dragons.
(d) Speak of Briar.

5. How does Smiley feel when the baby rat creature leaves with the other rat creatures?
(a) He is relieved.
(b) He is happy.
(c) He is angry.
(d) He is sad.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Book 2, Chapter 5 Phoney is tied to a stick covered in what?

2. In Chapter Three, who else has joined Fone and Smiley as victims?

3. What does Fone ask Thorn to help him do?

4. What scares off the rat creatures before they can eat Fone in Book 1, Chapter 1?

5. How does Gran'ma Ben seem to react to seeing the red dragon in Book 1, Chapter 6?

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