Bone Character Descriptions

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Fone Bone

This character is thrown out of Boneville. This character is responsible and very caring of those around him.

Phoncible P. Bone

This character made the entire town sick by feeding them bad prunes at a party.


A poor farm girl, this character is a princess who has been in hiding her whole life.

Gran'ma Ben, Rose

This character, thought to be a simple peasant, is known for winning the cow race each year.

Smiley Bone

This character always has a cigar in his mouth.


This character is the owner of a tavern and is accused of being a traitor.


This character was cut in half but brought back and is held together by locusts.

Lord of the Locusts

This ancient evil was entombed in stone an untold number of years before when it took over the body of the most powerful creature alive...

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