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The Valley or Vernal Equinox; Book One: Out from Boneville

• Phoney Bone has been kicked out of Boneville and is joined by his two cousins, Fone Bone and Smiley Bone.

• In the desert, Smiley finds a map.

• While traveling, the three cousins are attacked by locusts and separated.

• Fone gets attacked by rat creatures in the forest but is rescued by a red dragon.
• Fone wanders through the forest until he meets a young girl named Thorn, who invites Fone back to her home.

• Phoney Bone runs into Gran'ma Ben in the forest and Gran'ma Ben brings him home with her where he is reunited with Fone.

• Gran'ma Ben lets Fone and Phoney stay at her house when they tell her they are still looking for their cousin Smiley.

• Phoney heads to Barrelhaven to try and make money on the cow races.
• A council of the rat creatures...

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