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Anthony Bourdain
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the phone call from that Harvey talks about in Chapter 23?

2. Who is with Harvey as he is being hit and threatened in Chapter 38?

3. How much money does Harvey admit to taking from Sally's rivals in Chapter 32?

4. Where is Tommy when Chapter 28 begins?

5. What does Al assure the chef of in Chapter 27, if he can convince Tommy to cooperate?

Short Essay Questions

1. What finally causes Tommy to decide to cooperate with the police against Sally in Chapter 35?

2. What pact is made between Tommy and the chef in Chapter 29?

3. What is the purpose of Al's visit with Charlie in Chapter 25?

4. Why does Danny visit with his lawyer in Chapter 39, and how does the visit end?

5. How does Tommy react to Stephanie's advances in Chapter 22?

6. What is the result of Tommy's talk with Danny in Chapter 28?

7. Where does Harvey go in Chapter 24 and why?

8. How do Harvey and the staff of the restaurant differ in their opinion of the band in Chapter 31?

9. How is Harvey murdered in Chapter 38?

10. Why does Tommy become sick again while talking to Al in Chapter 34?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the purpose of the Prologue in Bone in the Throat by explaining how it is presented, the information it delivers, and the way it is connected with the rest of the book. Also, provide an analysis of why Bourdain chose this point of the story to begin the book.

Essay Topic 2

Chronicle the development of Tommy's character from the beginning of the story to its ending, using numerous examples of how he changes, and what causes those changes. Also, include an in-depth analysis of fear, its influence on Tommy, and the way he conquers it to gain freedom from the situation he is in.

Essay Topic 3

Since Bourdain is a well known chef, it is not surprising that he would incorporate themes of food and cooking in his book.

1) Describe three references to food that are made throughout Bone in the Throat.

2) Explain the significance of how Charlie is cooking for Tommy when he offers him a chance at escaping in the novel's conclusion.

3) Analyze the role that food has in the important decision that Tommy makes about working with the police.

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