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Anthony Bourdain
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 31-35.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Harvey respond to the offer presented to him in Chapter 12?
(a) He says he needs to think about it.
(b) He says he needs to talk to Al about it.
(c) He agrees to it.
(d) He disagrees with it.

2. How does Tommy react to the band that Harvey has hired?
(a) He hates it.
(b) He likes it a little.
(c) He likes it a lot.
(d) He doesn't notice.

3. Why does Tommy call Harvey at the beginning of Chapter 12?
(a) To ask how to contact Al.
(b) To warn him about Skinny.
(c) To call in sick.
(d) To warn him about Sally.

4. How much money does Harvey admit to taking from Sally's rivals in Chapter 32?
(a) Twenty thousand.
(b) Thirty thousand.
(c) Thirty-five thousand.
(d) Twenty-five thousand.

5. Where does Harvey get drugs from in Chapter 24?
(a) An abandoned building.
(b) An alley.
(c) A movie theater.
(d) A bar.

Short Answer Questions

1. What names does Harvey give to Sally for the Brooklyn guys in Chapter 32?

2. What is Charlie Wagons wearing in Chapter 14?

3. Who is the phone call from that Harvey talks about in Chapter 23?

4. Where is Harvey leaving at the beginning of Chapter 32?

5. Who does Charlie blame for the business that a rival mob is conducting?

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