Bone in the Throat Character Descriptions

Anthony Bourdain
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Tommy Pagana

This is the main character of the story, a relative of a member of the mob that is responsible for getting him a job as a cook at the restaurant.

Michael Ricard a.k.a. The Chef

This character works at the restaurant, is a good friend of the main character, and has a drug habit that gets them arrested as they are mistaken for the main character.

Salvatore Pitera a.k.a. Sally Wig

This character is the fat and slovenly relative of the main character that helps them get a job in the restaurant, but also involves them in a murder, which leads to a chain of events that results in a number of arrests and other murders, including their own.

Gaetano di Milito a.k.a. Skinny

This character is a hit man for the mob that tries to get naked before committing...

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