Bone in the Throat Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Anthony Bourdain
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Prologue, Chapter 1-4

• The Prologue begins with the discovery of a dead body with exploded cherry bombs in its mouth and guilty looking police officers.
• Sally Wig, an overweight member of the mob, talks to his nephew, Tommy Pagana, outside of the Dreadnaught Grill in Chapter 1.
• The owner of the Dreadnaught Grill, Harvey, is threatened and assaulted by Sally because of a late payment.
• Harvey makes a mysterious phone call, using a different name, and referring to an unknown meeting place.

• Al lectures Harvey about the option of going to prison without his cooperation in pretending to own the restaurant.

Chapter 5-9

• Attorney Raymond Sullivan is in a hurry to convict Sally and the mob, but Al explains why he needs more time to gather evidence against Sally's bosses.
• At the Dreadnaught Grill, Tommy and Michael, nicknamed "The Chef," discuss their drug use as the chef leaves to...

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