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Laura Ruby
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does the narrator describe as being "gone" in "The People of Bone Gap"?
(a) Charlie Valentine.
(b) The girl.
(c) Finn.
(d) Priscilla Willis.

2. What had Roza been studying when she was in college?
(a) Botany.
(b) Zoology.
(c) Chemistry.
(d) Anthropology.

3. In the chapter titled "The Promise Ring," what literary device is predominant?
(a) Theme.
(b) Poetic devices.
(c) Flashback.
(d) Alliteration.

4. According to Miguel, who rode by on her bike in "The Night Mare"?
(a) Amber Hass.
(b) Priscilla Willis.
(c) Mrs. Lonogan.
(d) Didi.

5. What are Finn and Miguel being careful about in "Lost"?
(a) Wild pigs.
(b) 18-wheeler trucks.
(c) The flu.
(d) Barbed wire.

6. What might it indicate about Mrs. Lonogan that she refers to the internet as the "World Wide Web"?
(a) She is against the use of technology.
(b) She is extremely technologically savvy.
(c) She is insightful and sensitive.
(d) She is not up-to-date with technology.

7. Which word best characterizes Roza's captor?
(a) Nervous.
(b) Calm.
(c) Loving.
(d) Apathetic.

8. What did Finn think had happened to Roza when he first discovered her in the barn?
(a) She had fallen out of a helicopter.
(b) She had tried to turn in an overdue library book.
(c) Someone had beaten her up.
(d) She had been reprimanded by her boss at work.

9. Which word best characterizes the Rude boys?
(a) Murderous.
(b) Sophisticated.
(c) Rough.
(d) Insightful.

10. Which best indicates Finn's anxiety about college?
(a) He has formed a study group.
(b) He thinks of funny possible admissions essay questions.
(c) He has test prep books.
(d) He visits his guidance counselor at school weekly to ask about college admission procedures.

11. How does Petey feel about the name Priscilla?
(a) She doesn't care.
(b) She hates it.
(c) She loves it.
(d) She thinks it sounds beautiful.

12. What does Petey's mother do that irritates her in "Get Real"?
(a) Calls Petey's friends just to talk.
(b) Calls her Priscilla.
(c) Gives her an inflexible curfew.
(d) Gets the bees disoriented and makes Petey calm them down.

13. When do the Rude boys attack Finn in "Roadkill"?
(a) On the first day of his senior year of high school.
(b) On the last day of his junior year of high school.
(c) On his birthday.
(d) On the day Roza went missing.

14. Read the following sentence: "So stoic was his expression, so even his tone, so bland his smile that his moods were difficult to discern, but Roza was learning them. Based on the context, what does "discern" mean?
(a) Encourage.
(b) Intensify.
(c) Alter.
(d) Distinguish.

15. Which person does Amber Hass think is hot, according to the narrator in "Get Real"?
(a) Derek Rude.
(b) Sean.
(c) Erik Rude.
(d) Finn.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why might Roza choose to give the beast, whom she has named Rus, eel pies?

2. What does Finn get from Charlie Valentine in "Roadkill"?

3. Why didn't the town in which Roza grew up have a name?

4. Priscilla Willis could best be described with what word?

5. What does it indicate about Finn that he almost sees Roza laughing at him, crouched in the plants, in "The Night Mare"?

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