Bone Gap Short Essay - Answer Key

Laura Ruby
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1. In the first chapter, entitled "The People of Bone Gap," what do we learn about Finn?

We learn that the people of Bone Gap think Finn is odd. We also learn that they think his heart is in the right place.

2. In the chapter entitled "Roadkill," what information are we given about Roza's kidnapping?

Two months ago, Roza was kidnapped. She may have been taken in a black SUV.

3. In the chapter entitled "Roadkill," how is Sean characterized?

Sean is responsible. He takes care of his brother.

4. In the chapter entitled "Roadkill," what is Finn's reaction to the Rude brothers beating him up?

Finn said some things to the Rude brothers. However, he does not do much to take up for himself or fight back.

5. In the chapter entitled "Run," why does Roza edge away from the fireplace and the painting that hung over it?

Roza edges away from the portrait because it is of her. Roza wants to get away from the painting of her because it makes her very uncomfortable.

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