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Laura Ruby
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 22: July: Thunder Moon - The Ballad of Charlie Valentine.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Finn and Petey feel toward each other?
(a) Attracted.
(b) Obligatory.
(c) Repulsed.
(d) Neutral.

2. Finn's "hockey-puck roll" is an example of what literary device, in "Questions"?
(a) Metaphor.
(b) Alliteration.
(c) Poetry.
(d) Simile.

3. Why does Finn run out of the diner in "Sidetracked"?
(a) To chase the horse.
(b) To chase Petey.
(c) To get away from Jonas Apple.
(d) To rush to a forgotten appointment.

4. What does it indicate about Finn that he almost sees Roza laughing at him, crouched in the plants, in "The Night Mare"?
(a) He thinks Roza is funny.
(b) Roza has often made fun of Finn.
(c) He is obsessed with her.
(d) He does not trust Roza

5. How does Sean react when Finn punches him in the face in "Punched"?
(a) Angry.
(b) Vengeful.
(c) Indignant.
(d) Surprised.

Short Answer Questions

1. Finn is most surprised that the horse being put in the barn was not heard by whom in "The Night Mare"?

2. Finn finds out that Petey used to be friends with whom, in "The Night Mare"?

3. In whom might Miguel be interested based on his behavior in "Sidetracked"?

4. What does Roza decorate Rus with in "The Dead"?

5. In the chapter titled "The Promise Ring," what literary device is predominant?

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