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Laura Ruby
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7: May: Milk Moon - The Promise Ring.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Roza develop her plan to escape in "Jump"?
(a) She reads about a prison escape in the newspaper.
(b) She uses a tactic that her grandmother taught her.
(c) She reads about it in a novel in the living room.
(d) She sees a man on television break off a bar that holds a mattress in place.

2. Finn finds out that Petey used to be friends with whom, in "The Night Mare"?
(a) Sean.
(b) Roza.
(c) Miguel.
(d) Charlie.

3. What does Petey threaten to cut Finn with because he is staring in "The Night Mare"?
(a) A hatchet.
(b) A scythe.
(c) A wet noodle.
(d) A corn knife.

4. What might it indicate about Priscilla Willis that she is referred to as having a "sting worse than any bee"?
(a) She loves bees.
(b) She is tall.
(c) She is mean.
(d) She has health problems.

5. Priscilla Willis could best be described with what word?
(a) Sentimental.
(b) Timid.
(c) Bland.
(d) Sarcastic.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a primary interest of Mustard, the Lonogan's dog?

2. Which best indicates Finn's anxiety about college?

3. Why doesn't Roza eat the fruit in the kitchen of her abductor's house in "Jump"?

4. What does Finn hear talking to him at times, according to the narrator in "Showdown"?

5. What does Mrs. Lonogan seem to assume about Finn and his mother?

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