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Laura Ruby
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21: July: Thunder Moon - Punched.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Finn think had happened to Roza when he first discovered her in the barn?
(a) Someone had beaten her up.
(b) She had been reprimanded by her boss at work.
(c) She had fallen out of a helicopter.
(d) She had tried to turn in an overdue library book.

2. Why had Finn gone into the barn when he discovered Roza?
(a) To get the lawn mower out.
(b) To find the paint for inside their house.
(c) To see if the termites were still there.
(d) To see the swallows.

3. Why does Roza tell her kidnapper about her nightmares in "No One Is Fine"?
(a) So he will feel sorry for her.
(b) So he will give her more food.
(c) So he will try to comfort her and get close to her.
(d) So he will, possibly, tell her some of his nightmares as well.

4. Why does Roza practice moves with the knife in "No One Is Fine"?
(a) To utilize tips she read in a book about knife defense.
(b) So she can join the military.
(c) To further her martial arts training.
(d) So she can use it proficiently.

5. How does the reader know that Roza was uncomfortable and probably scared about going to the hospital after she appeared in the barn?
(a) She started shaking once she and Sean reached the hospital's emergency room.
(b) She said "no" every time Sean mentioned the hospital.
(c) She repeatedly shook her head
(d) She had had bad experiences at a hospital before.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Honorata seem to feel toward Roza, according to the narrative in "No One Is Fine"?

2. Where does Finn go after punching Sean in "Punched"?

3. What gift does the visiting professor give to Roza in the flashback in "No One Is Fine"?

4. What are the girls drinking in Roza's dream in "No One Is Fine"?

5. Why is Finn looking through photos in "Punched"?

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