Objects & Places from Bone Gap

Laura Ruby
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Wooden Mattress Bar

Roza uses this object to escape, breaking a window with it, after she sees a man on TV use one.

Promise Ring

Sean was going to give this to Roza to show his love and commitment to her, but he never has the chance.

Bee Stickers

These objects symbolize Finn's success playing a game at the town's costume party.


When Petey makes a reference to this object, Mel changes the subject.

Mirror Shard

Roza uses this to make her kidnapper no longer think she is beautiful.


Roza hides this object and uses it when her former botany professor comes close to her to comfort her after she tells him about having nightmares.

The Corn

This sometimes talks to Finn (and others) and even directs him in certain cases.

Get Real

This book, with a hot pink cover, is one that Petey thinks is...

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