Bone Gap Fun Activities

Laura Ruby
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Hands-on Project

Create a hands-on project about Bone Gap that symbolizes an important element or theme in the text. Be prepared to present this to your class.

Multimedia Presentation

Create and present a multimedia presentation about some aspect of Bone Gap.

Create a Newspaper

Create a newspaper for the town of Bone Gap as it might look, including articles, graphics, pictures, etc.


Compose a poem related to Bone Gap.

The Kidnapper's Perspective

Write a short summary of Bone Gap, or at least the relevant parts, as if it were written by the man who kidnapped Roza.


Draw a drawing or sketch for each chapter of the book. Present these to your classmates.

Journal Entries

Write 5-10 journal entries about your thoughts and feelings about Bone Gap related to various parts of the book, about specific events and/or characters, or the book as a whole.

Write Letters

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