Bone Gap Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Laura Ruby
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Essay Topic 1

What is the main conflict in Bone Gap? Explain why the conflict is the main one.

Essay Topic 2

Who or what is the antagonist in Bone Gap? How can this be determined?

Essay Topic 3

Sometimes people speak of bee colonies as having a "hive mind," which means that all the bees think alike and act together, instead of as individuals. How could you apply this analogy to the people of Bone Gap? How do the people of Bone Gap seem to act is if they have a "hive mind"?

Essay Topic 4

What is the effect of chapters in Bone Gap being written in the third-person perspective of different characters in the novel? How does this influence our understanding of the story?

Essay Topic 5

What are 2-3 themes, which are central concepts or lessons that can be learned about life, people, or society, that are present in...

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