Bone Gap Character Descriptions

Laura Ruby
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Finn O'Sullivan

This character, who rescues another character, has trouble recognizing people's faces.

Miguel Cordero

This character sometimes sees ghosts, helps a friend repair a fence, and may have sleepwalked.

Charlie Valentine

This character, who is sometimes ruled by fear, raises chickens, minus a coop.


This character, who comes from Poland, is pursued relentlessly by a botany professor.

The Scare Crow

This character, who seems not quite human at times and who knows a great deal about plants, kidnaps at least one person.

Sean O'Sullivan

After a parent left, this character's dreams of becoming a doctor are put on hold.


This character dispenses coffee, food, and sometimes gossip at the Chat 'n' Chew.

Petey Willis

Behind a tough exterior and a face that some people have said rude things about, this character is actually a sensitive person.

Mel Willis

This hip character knows how to calm bees...

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