Bone Gap Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Laura Ruby
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Chapter 1: The People of Bone Gap

•The young adult, magic realism novel Bone Gap is related from a third-person narrator in the past tense.

•In the very brief opening chapter, the narrator describes the residents of Bone Gap as having liked Finn and having thought he had a good heart, although they thought he was odd. They gave him a wide variety of nicknames.

• By the time the people of Bone Gap figured out why Finn was so odd, a girl everyone loved, but hardly knew, was gone.

Chapter 2: May: Milk Moon - Roadkill

• This chapter is related from a third-person limited point of view, with the outside narrator telling the story from Finn’s perspective. The chapter is related in the past tense.

• Finn O’Sullivan was walking home from school on the last day of his junior year in high school.

• Finn lived in Bone Gap...

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