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Steve Sheinkin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "On the Cliff" – "High Concentration".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many years of evidence was Harry Gold racing to destroy in the Prologue?
(a) 4 years of evidence.
(b) 20 years of evidence.
(c) 17 years of evidence.
(d) 12 years of evidence.

2. Prior to the development of the atomic bomb, where did the largest man-made explosion in history occur?
(a) Zurich, Switzerland.
(b) Halifax Harbor, Canada.
(c) Augusta Bay, Alaska.
(d) Paris, France.

3. Who informed Robert Oppenheimer about the German chemists finding the uranium could be split, according to the author in "The U Business"?
(a) Richard Brennan.
(b) Scott Miller.
(c) Derek Curtis-Bennett.
(d) Luis Alvarez.

4. Why was the Manhattan Project given this code name?
(a) Because the first atomic tests were to be performed in Manhattan.
(b) Because its initial offices were in Manhattan.
(c) Because Manhattan was the name of the man who developed the bomb.
(d) Because "Manhattan" was code for "bomb."

5. In what year did the FBI open a file on Robert Oppenheimer?
(a) 1950.
(b) 1941.
(c) 1939.
(d) 1938.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Robert Oppenheimer's date whom the author describes him abandoning in "Skinny Superhero"?

2. What is the atomic number of uranium?

3. Where was mathematician Stanislaw Ulam working when he was invited to a project for special war work?

4. Who informed Colonel Leslie Groves that he was selected for an important assignment in developing the atomic bomb?

5. Where was Robert Oppenheimer born and raised?

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