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Steve Sheinkin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "On the Cliff" – "High Concentration".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How far did the British plane drop Poulsson's team from their intended drop target on the Vemork mission?
(a) 100 miles away.
(b) 65 miles away.
(c) 45 miles away.
(d) 10 miles away.

2. Near what town was the Vemork power plant located?
(a) Zurich, Switzerland.
(b) Rjukan, Norway.
(c) Grimstad, Norway.
(d) Haugesund, Norway.

3. Where did Robert Oppenheimer work as a theoretical physicist and professor of physics in the 1930s?
(a) The University of Chicago.
(b) The University of Wisconsin.
(c) The University of California, Berkeley.
(d) Princeton University.

4. What date is described in the Prologue of Bomb?
(a) May 22, 1950.
(b) September 18, 1951.
(c) November 1, 1952.
(d) July 12, 1945.

5. When did the Briggs Advisory Committee on Uranium hold its first meeting?
(a) October 11, 1939.
(b) May 22, 1940.
(c) October 21, 1939.
(d) September 1, 1939.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Peter Ivanov send to talk to Robert Oppenheimer and feel out his Communist sensibilities at Berkeley?

2. How many neutrons are contained in the nucleus of a normal hydrogen atom?

3. Where was Richard Feynman studying when he joined the Los Alamos project?

4. Who informed Robert Oppenheimer about the German chemists finding the uranium could be split, according to the author in "The U Business"?

5. Where did Harry Gold travel to deliver the lab information to Soviet spies, according to the author in "Tradecraft"?

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