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Steve Sheinkin
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Atomic Bomb

This weapon of mass destruction came about because of a German scientist's experiment in 1938.

Nuclear Fission

This scientific process occurs when the nucleus of an atom splits into smaller parts and releases a very large amount of energy.

The Pennsylvania Sugar Company

This is the establishment where Harry Gold worked when he was first recruited by the Communists.


This was the code name used for the Soviet Union's efforts to steal information from the United States regarding the development of weapons of mass destruction.

The Manhattan Project

This was the code name used for the United States' bomb building effort during World War II.

Special Training School #3

This is the name of the preparatory facility that Knut Haukelid attended. It was known as the International Gangster School.

The Red Scare

This term refers to the promotion of fear and distrust against Communists and the Soviet...

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