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Steve Sheinkin
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Lesson 1 (from "Skinny Superhero" – "Enormoz")


Bomb: The Race to Build—and Steal—the World's Most Dangerous Weapon is a non-fiction Newberry Honor book by Steve Sheinkin. In the book’s Prologue: “May 22, 1950,” Sheinkin establishes a spy-thriller-style narrative as he introduces one of the key historical figures involved in espionage surrounding the atomic bomb, Harry Gold. In this lesson, students will read the Prologue, research Harry Gold, and discuss the narrative style and genre of Bomb.


Group Assignment: Assign students to groups of 3-4 each to read the Prologue of Bomb and discuss the information and style related in this section of the book. Is the narrative related from a first, second, or third-person point of view? Why do you think the author chose to relate the narrative in this style?

Class Discussion: As a class, define the non-fiction historical genre as well as the spy-thriller genre. Discuss the different styles...

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