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Steve Sheinkin
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"Skinny Superhero" – "Enormoz"

• The Prologue, entitled “May 22, 1950,” describes a man named Harry Gold as he tried to destroy papers showing evidence of his crimes.

• A few minutes later, Federal Bureau of Investigations agents Scott Miller and Richard Brennan arrived and found some items, including a map of Santa Fe, New Mexico, with a spot by the Castillo Street Bridge marked with an X.

• Part 1: “Three-Way Race,” opens with a chapter titled “Skinny Superhero.”

• This “skinny” man was Robert Oppenheimer, a physicist at the top of his field and professor at Berkeley University in California.

• The narrator describes Oppenheimer’s childhood and education at Harvard followed by advanced degrees in Britain and Germany.

• When Oppenheimer saw the effect economics had on his students, he began to pay more attention to world events; he saw Adolf Hitler building up for a war and wanted to do something but didn't know...

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