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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Boesman compare the people crawling out of "their holes" to?
(a) Maggots.
(b) Worms.
(c) Moles.
(d) Rats.

2. What does Lena say they did for all the holidays?
(a) Walked.
(b) Danced.
(c) Cried.
(d) Ate.

3. What does Lena tell Outa to think about after Boesman goes into the shelter?
(a) The desert.
(b) Coldness.
(c) Wine.
(d) Warm times.

4. What does Grappie mean in English?
(a) Silence.
(b) Snarling.
(c) Joke.
(d) Anger.

5. What is a "Trickey-draai"?
(a) Hard worker.
(b) Slave.
(c) Lively dance.
(d) Country song.

6. What did Lena do to the dog when Boesman wasn't looking?
(a) Killed it.
(b) Fed it.
(c) Beat it.
(d) Sold it.

7. What does Lena say to Boesman about the next time he wants to kill her?
(a) To find someone else.
(b) To kill himself.
(c) To really do it.
(d) To leave.

8. What does "vlenterbroek" mean?
(a) Dead dogs.
(b) Old men.
(c) Torn trousers.
(d) Broken bottles.

9. What does the phrase "En dit?" mean?
(a) Is it late?
(b) Who are you?
(c) And that?
(d) Where's the rain?

10. What does Lena call Boesman for what he does to the shelter?
(a) A bulldozer.
(b) A Kaffir.
(c) A pig.
(d) A monster.

11. Where does Boesman throw the bread in Act 2?
(a) At the old man.
(b) Into the shelter.
(c) At Lena.
(d) Into the darkness.

12. What did Lena do when the bulldozers came?
(a) Laughed.
(b) Danced.
(c) Cried.
(d) Sang.

13. What does Lena goad Boesman to do to the body?
(a) Beat it.
(b) Hang it.
(c) Bury it.
(d) Hide it.

14. What does Lena say Boesman will have between his toes at Veelplas?
(a) Tar.
(b) Water.
(c) Mud.
(d) Sand.

15. What does Lena begin doing after Boesman goes into the shelter?
(a) Eating.
(b) Crying.
(c) Singing and dancing.
(d) Drinking.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do people like Lena and Boesman do with the White Man's rubbish?

2. What does Lena plan on digging for tomorrow?

3. What happened to Lena's firewood?

4. What does Lena say Boesman should have done with their belongings this morning?

5. What does "baas" mean?

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