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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who says, "This is the time and place. To hell with the others. They're finished, and mixed up anyway"?
(a) Boesman.
(b) Zachariah.
(c) Lena.
(d) Outa.

2. What does Lena mean when she says "Vuka!" to Outa?
(a) Go away!
(b) Stop snoring!
(c) Wake up!
(d) I'll beat you!

3. What is the one thing Boesman says he's looking for?
(a) Freedom.
(b) Riches.
(c) A family.
(d) Slaves.

4. Who says, "You must make the words crawl to him, with your tongue between their back legs"?
(a) Lena.
(b) Outa.
(c) Boesman.
(d) Zachariah.

5. What does the phrase "En dit?" mean?
(a) Where's the rain?
(b) Is it late?
(c) Who are you?
(d) And that?

6. Boesman says he and Lena crawled in and out of their lean-to like what?
(a) White men.
(b) Monsters.
(c) Babboons.
(d) Slaves.

7. Who says, "Bulala wena!"
(a) Zachariah.
(b) Boesman.
(c) Lena.
(d) Outa.

8. What was the first leg of Boesman and Lena's travels?
(a) Coega to Veelplaas.
(b) Redhouse to Veelplaas.
(c) Coeaga to Redhouse.
(d) Missionvale to Redhouse.

9. What does "baas" mean?
(a) Master.
(b) Dog.
(c) Child.
(d) Slave.

10. What does Boesman do to the shelter when Lena says she'll sleep there tonight?
(a) Knocks it down.
(b) Lights it on fire.
(c) Leaves it.
(d) Empties it.

11. Who says, "There was something else in that fire. Us! Our sad stories, our smells, our world! And it burnt"?
(a) Lena.
(b) Zachariah.
(c) Boesman.
(d) Outa.

12. What is the translation of "Al weer sukke tyd"?
(a) Let's go back.
(b) Stop walking.
(c) Stop talking.
(d) Here we go again.

13. What does Grappie mean in English?
(a) Silence.
(b) Anger.
(c) Snarling.
(d) Joke.

14. What does the phrase "pap ou borste, ribbetjies" mean?
(a) Shrunken breasts, thin ribs.
(b) Looking eastward, towards home.
(c) Wandering slowly, in the night.
(d) Fat and surly man.

15. How much wine did Boesman drink?
(a) Two bottles.
(b) Three bottles.
(c) One bottle.
(d) Half a bottle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Boesman throw the bread in Act 2?

2. What does Boesman tell Lena about the empties in Act 2?

3. What does Boesman compare the people crawling out of "their holes" to?

4. What does Boesman do after Outa has passed away?

5. What do people like Lena and Boesman do with the White Man's rubbish?

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