Body and Soul Multiple Choice Test Questions

Frank Conroy
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Part 1: Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4

1. During what era does Body and Soul begin?
(a) During the Great Depression.
(b) Post World War II.
(c) Pre World War I.
(d) During the Jazz Age.

2. How old is Claude Rawlings at the beginning of the novel?
(a) 8-years-old.
(b) 9-years-old.
(c) 7-years-old.
(d) 6-years-old.

3. Where in the building is the apartment in which Claude lives with his mother?
(a) Top floor.
(b) Basement.
(c) Third floor.
(d) First floor.

4. Why is the location of the apartment in which Claude lives with his mother important?
(a) Claude realizes people are always going somewhere as he watches them pass.
(b) Claude likes to read the expressions on the faces of the people who pass.
(c) Claude can see most of the city from his apartment.
(d) Claude is afraid of heights.

5. What does Claude's mother do when she comes home from her job of driving a taxi?
(a) Reads to Claude.
(b) Gives piano lessons.
(c) Cleans.
(d) Drinks beer.

6. What is Claude's physique as a young boy?
(a) Overweight.
(b) Scrawny.
(c) Well-proportioned.
(d) Deformed as a result of a birth defect.

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