Body and Soul Fun Activities

Frank Conroy
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Character Change Chart

The students should create charts illustrated on posters which show Claude's characteristics at the beginning of the story, events that caused him to change, and then Claude's characteristics at the end of the story. The chart could have three columns. Label the first column "Claude at the beginning of Body and Soul." The middle column could be labeled "What caused Claude to change?" The third column could be labeled "Claude at the end of Body and Soul."


The students should design maps that depict a character's journey (physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual). The students should illustrate significant events, settings, and/or themes in the character's journey. This activity would be ideal for illustrating Claude's journey from his humble beginnings to celebrity.

Literary Term Posters

The students should create posters which define, illustrate, and describe literary terms as they are used in Body and Soul...

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